Visit of Monitor

On days 20-21 November in the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow was held monitor project visit Mrs. Edyta Owadowska Corlin, which supervises the implementation of the LIFE+ project of the European Commission.  In the meeting was attended Mrs. Marta Wojtaniec – project supervisor in National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. In the meeting discussed current issues and problems in the implrmrnyation of the project. On the second day of the meeting a field trip to the Ojcow National Park in order to inspect the area of the xerothermic grasslands in the Natura 2000 areas of the Pradnik Valley, where active protection activities of the project LIFE+.

Protective tasks are currently being implemented in 8 Natura 2000 sites.

The removal of trees and bushes is ongoing. The tasks are carried out in 8 Natura 2000 areas. We will also cut the grass from the grasslands on the plot, which we bought or leased from private owners in 2017 year. Trees will be cut , and bushes will be removed with roots. The Foundation for Nature and Human doing protective tasks. Their offer was considered the most advantageous.