Opening conference

On 18-19 June this year in Radocza, the LIFE project team participated in the  opening conferency the project LIFE16 NAT/PL/000766 „Protection of waterbird habitats in the Upper Vistula River Valley (Dolina Górnej Wisły). The main coordinator is Regionalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska w Katowicach, associated beneficiary is Regionalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska w Krakowie, Górnośląskie Koło Ornitologiczne and Towarzystwo na Rzecz Ziemi.

The project provides for a protection of the populations and habitats of water bird species, in particular of 2 species listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive: Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax and Common Tern Sterna hirundo. Project will be implemented in 4 Natura 2000: Dolina Dolnej Skawy PLB120005, Dolina Dolnej Soły PLB120004, Dolina Górnej Wisły, Stawy w Brzeszczach PLB120009.