On 30 June We completed the project LIFE12 NAT/PL/000053 „ Protection of xerothermic habitats in Nature 2000 areas in the Miechowska Upland”.

As part of the key tasks in the project, We have achieved the following efects:

  • Action A1 performance of protection plan task – as of the project We developer 12 Protection plan task and actualized Standards Data forms.
  • Action A4 Purchase sheeps and goats – We purchased 157 Olkuska sheeps and 16 goats, which were manager by the ranchers selected as part of the project’s bidding proces.
  • Action B1 Purchase and long-term lease of environmentally valuable land – We purchased 8,5 ha and We leased 21 sites a total of 10 ha.
  • Action C1 Removing trash from study surfaces – in 2016 a total of 94,3 tons of mived garbage were collected from a surface area of 136,9 ha and moved to the Regional Household Garbage Processing Facility. The removal work consisted of the manual collection and removal of garbage from all 12 studied areas and revitalization work in each area following the cleanup of illegal trash dumping grounds.
  • Action C2 Removal of trees and bushes from the land – across a surface area of 34,51 ha as well as Action C3 Moving of the land surface across an surface area of 24,83 ha. These works were completed on the basis of Protective action plans. Ther protective actions include the cutting down of trees, uprooting of bushes and moving of grasses in 29 xerothermic grass reserves and outcrop reserves with an area of 9,98 ha in the Pradnik Valley Nature 2000 area, which includes Ojcowski National Park.
  • Action C4 The introduction of grazing – this action was completed in the years 2015-2017 across a surface area of 21.52 ha in 11 Nature 2000 areas. The introduction of sheep and goat grazing was also prefaced with the creation of “Grazing Plans” as part of Action A1 (“Performance of protection plan tasks”), which defined the range and frequency of sheep and goat grazing as well as their number. Grazing occurred from May to October in each year from 2015 to 2017. The process was managed by 8 ranchers selected via an unrestricted bidding process. The bidding process was followed by an estimation of livestock needs, which was then used to purchase sheep and goats.
  • Action E1 Working with the local community and local institutions consisted of a cycle of meetings with local government officials (20) and private landowners (30) in order to provide information on actions taken as part of the project in the following areas: execution of protective actions, current or planned sheep and goat grazing, protective action plans in progress, and opportunities to sell or lease additional plots of land.
  • Action E3 Informational materials and publications certain materials were made available (i.e. promotional gadgets, guidebook, film) in order to broadly promote the project as well as the Miechowska Upland itself. Materials were distributed among individuals who were likely to serve as a potential source of information for the broader local community about actions taken as part of the project and their effects on the local community and the environment of the Miechów region.
  • Action E6 Production of informational posters and governmental designations was employed in 2016 to mark all project-associated areas. A total of 24 governmental designations and 12 informational-educational posters were posted, with 4 more informational-educational posters posted in the immediate vicinity of local government offices in communes where the project was being realized.

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