Kalina Mała

PLH120054 Kalina Mała

General description of the area

Area “Kalina Mała” is located in the northern part of the Miechowska Upland, Miechów municipality, district miechowski, Małopolska Province. Xerothermic grasslands and Tilio-Carpinetum grows on the steep slopes of the western and southern exposure. There are generally Rendzic-Leptosols. The area is located between intensive agricultural fields. Total surface of ​​”Kalina Mała” is 25.6 hectares.

The value and importance of the site

Habitats types listed in Annex  Directive 92/43/EWG

Code Habitat % of area Rate
Representativeness Area Condition General rate
6210 Xerothermic grasslands (Festuco-Brometea) 44,08 A C B B
9170 Grad Central European and subcontinental 8,59 C C C C

A: excellent, B: good, C: significant, D: irrelevant


The largest threat is the lack of traditional – extensive agricultural use (grazing, mowing, cutting bushes) grasslands.