PLH120072 Poradów

General description of the area

Area “Poradów” is located between the villages Poradów and Parkoszowice in municipality Miechów, miechowski district, Małopolska Province. It consists of two compartments separated by a cultivated field. Grassland habitats are located at steep chalk slopes and ravines on the left bank of the stream Zarogówka. On the slopes of the western exposure, there are Rendzic-Leptosols. The first of the enclaves has a length of approximately 660 m and a width of approximately 220 m to 470 m, the second – a length of about 180 m width of 100 m The whole site has an area of ​​11.3 hectares.

The value and importance of the site

The most valuable habitat is priority xerothermic grassland represented by Inuletum ensifoliae. A well-preserved is also juniper scrub on calcareous grassland and protected species of plants (for example Linosyris vulgaris).

Habitats from Habitat Directive 92/43/EWG

Code Habitat % of area Rate
Representativeness Area Condition General rate
5130 Juniper scrub 2,65 A C A B
6210 Xerothermic grasslands (Festuco-Brometea) 74,95 A C A B
9170 Grad Central European and subcontinental 25,40 C C C C

A: excellent, B: good, C: significant, D: irrelevant


The biggest threat to the grasslands is the lack of traditional – extensive agricultural use (grazing, mowing, cutting shrubs), which causes them overgrowing. An additional threat to this area is its littering especially in the northern part near the small active excavation of limestone. From the east where there are heavily used fields there’s no buffer zone, causing the eutrophication of grasslands by fertilizers from the fields.