PLH120073 Pstroszyce

General description of the area

Area “Pstroszyce” is located in the western part of Upland Miechowska in Pstroszyce Pierwsze, to the west of the road Miechów – Tunel, the municipality Miechów, district miechowski, Małopolska Province. Xerothermic grasslands and scrub warm steep overgrown field margins, set-aside fields and old limestone workings. The size of ​​this area is 19.4 hectares, its length – about 610 m and width – 560 m.

The value and importance of the natural

The area is distinguished by its well-preserved Xerothermic grasslands Inuletum ensifoliae positions with numerous protected plant Anemone sylvestris, amellus Aster, Campanula sibirica, Carlina acaulis, Orchis militaris. This area is of great importance for the conservation of biodiversity of agricultural landscape.

Habitat types listed in Annex  of  Directive 92/43/EEC

Code Habitat Coverage % Rate
The degree of representation The relative surface The condition overall rating
6210 Xerothermic grasslands (Festuco-Brometea) 44,08 B C B C
9170 Grad Central European and subcontinental 8,59 D

A: excellent, B: good, C: significant, D: irrelevant

The biggest threat to the area is the lack of traditional – extensive agricultural use (grazing, mowing, cutting bushes) grasslands, causing them permanent obliteration.